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ConTec Mobile Home Manufacture

All ConTec Mobile Homes are manufactured by current mobile home production facilities. ConTec Mobile Homes are indestructible, fireproof and safe, unlike any mobile home ever produced and can last up to 80 years. If needed they can be relocated to other communities allowing for location flexibility. 

Permanent Home Construction

In many cases community facilities such as markets, health care, laundry, employment offices, etc, may be permanent construction,8 and in some communities permanent home construction could be required. DLS has planned for this possibility by including more traditional construction type buildings that are concrete to be included in the mobile home pack or club strategy.


DLS communities are of all sizes and nature in their design and build. Though each of the locations have a unique design of their own, the consistent factor is that they all have concrete only structures for housing and facilities, and that the principle design has few roads, a central parking and visitors location and many walkways.


With a great need for low-cost and homeless housing reaching an all time high within the next 10-15 years from 15,000,000 to 76,000,000 new homes, financing this demand is ever important. DLS’s business model of building such durable communities on current and existing county and city lands is the solution for multiple stakeholders; people, communities, financiers, etc. Bank(s) that have provided mobile home pack and club financing will play a large and an ever increasing part of delivering a positive solution for this massive demand. 

Community Development

In the creation of DLS communities across America the importance of designed supportive settings of the parks and their “beautiful environment” creates a positive back drop for all people visiting, or the residence of these communities. Because of the indestructible design of DLS housing there will be little to no feelings of disaster or destruction at any of the communities because the houses can’t be burnt down or dismantled. It’s these wonderfully designed sitings that will greatly extend the life of the DLS communities.

Community and Home Management

It is DLS hope to form a long term partnership for post construction management with EAH, a non-profit that has since 1968 developed low-income housing and currently manages over 100 plus properties in California and Hawaii, and plays a leadership role in local, regional and national housing advocacy efforts. Starting from grass-roots origins in response to the death of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., EAH Housing now serves over 20,000 seniors, families, students, people with disabilities/special needs, frail elderly, and the formerly homeless.




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Wood to concrete foam
MOBILE HOME Construction

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Traditional Mobile Home Construction


mobile homes

The Mobile Home business has been the same for the past fifty years, though there have been improvements in quality and design. Wood constructed mobile homes are not durable or safe enough for use as long-term housing. Wooden Mobile Homes can be destroyed by fire and destructive acts. Typically they need a higher degree of maintenance to ensure a minimum of 30 years of service. The benefit of the mobile homes design is  just that, it’s mobile and that is the key design component for the development of the next generation of mobile homes. 

Foam Concrete Mobile Home Construction

300% stronger

DLS in it’s search for the best materials for the construction of long-term housing for more than 80 years of use, DLS chose foam concrete as the material of choice for the construction of durable housing. By coupling lightweight foam concrete, mobile home design and mobile home manufacturing, a new modern and more durable, fireproof, safe and long life mobile home is created. Construction of the new ConTec Mobile Homes will have many of the same systems but will incorporate foam concrete panels, newly designed and engineered electronic controlled HVAC, interior and exterior lighting, water temperature and flow touch controls and more. 

ConTec Mobile Homes

By upgrading the design and engineering of the mobile home to Foam Concrete, DLS creates the next generation of low cost housing that are better, stronger and safer. The DLS’s concept builds on a well designed, deployed and installed base of Mobile Homes, Parks and Clubs successful throughout North America for nearly 70 years.


clifrock, inc.

Modify Exterior and Interior Design

Counters and Basins are Concrete

Take concrete Technology to The Next Level

Providing Multiple Textures

Interior Walls are Concrete

Reality Experiences with concrete finishing and trim

For the past 20 years concrete has played a vital and important role in the home construction industry. The development of “pre-cast” concrete in the rise of modern design has spread throughout the urban landscape creating beauty in the flat surfaces.  Clifrock is taking concrete to the next level of design through the sculpting of interior and exterior walls and settings.

ClifRock’s Panel Masonry™ represents a major advancement in alternative masonry and stone technology. Although the products look and feel just like natural stone, they’re lighter and more durable. Engineered by one of the world’s leading concrete chemists to withstand year-round outdoor exposure in every climate region.

planNing & funding

Community Design

The development of a community no matter the size is the most important effort put forward and must be based on people and symmetry. Mobile parks and clubs have existed for more than 60 years having many noted design and flow examples to work from. The resident ownership of the community is dependent on the design and structure of the homes in more traditional urban settings versus a city apartment dwelling design.  Mobile Homes are designed to be placed in a more suburban setting that supports a relaxed and community environment than that of vertical housing, creating residential designs to our customers while ensuring the value of home investments. 

1st Secure Community Bank.

Mobile Home Park and Club Funding

Financing for the Manufactured Housing Market. Manufactured homes offer an attractive, affordable home ownership option that allows owners to build wealth through equity, just like any other purchased home. For borrowers, this industry can be profitable, but it’s important to choose the right banking partner who is able to finance entire mobile home communities, instead of individual homes. Many banks don’t have experience working with investors interested in purchasing this type of asset and are unable or unwilling to provide financing. Fortunately, our team has years of knowledge in this market.