control Systems

The Digital World Is Changing Home Safety, Security and Operations

The Most Advanced Small Homes In The World

Truly Smart
Durable Living Systems
homes are voice operated
from the lights to water
temperature in the shower
and refrigerator.
Secure Inter-wall Mounted Systems
To insure system safety and security
electronics, plumbing, wiring and
communication and security systems
are located deep in the concrete walls
The DLS home can be fitted with
Tesla Solar Power Systems which
will decrease the dependency on
traditional energy sources.
After an estimated 8 years the
system will have paid for its self
and begin producing energy for
sale to public utilities.
Water Flow and Temperature Controls

Security comes in several forms. Locking doors and windows, interior and exterior lighting, loudspeakers and other important responses. Having a home perform these and other defense tasks is good when protecting you and your family. More…

04. havc system

The future of HVAC systems will be based on electricity to heat and cool homes. Heat Pumps will be utilized initially with TESLA climate Systems being added once in production in late 2020. The system is controlled by each resident, and can be managed and repaired externally. 

02. Water controls

Water is the most important need of humans to live. The use of water for dining, cleaning and cooking is controlled by valves and faucets. DLS homes provide digital interfaces and electronic values used to control temperature and flow by touch. More..

05. communications

Voice Assistants for all homes is quickly becoming the standard of communication in and out of the home. The communication system is designed to provide total connectivity to most systems inside the home. Entertainment preferences, environment, energy storage and production status, security cameras, lighting and more. More…

03. Appliances

Since the 1900s home makers have been provided with electrical devices to help care for millions of families. Appliances need a network to capture the best operating efficiencies. The DLS Homes all have digital networks for all household devices to connect to. More..

06. solar power

Tesla Glass Solar Roof delivers in most south western and south eastern locations more energy than is consumed throughout the summer months. Solar panels replace roof shingles from the past and deliver thousands of amps of energy annually to the home Tesla Power Wall battery storage system, also sending energy back to the grid. More..

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