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DLS, Durable Living Systems is a housing and community development management company bringing together cities, towns, counties, communities and states to create low cost and homeless rotational housing and communities. 

Durable Living Systems was created to provide low-cost and homeless community solutions for towns, cities, counties and states across America. The DLS communities are designed as rotational homes for those people and families in need of help until they can find jobs and permanent long-term housing.

01. why

“We give hope” by upgrading living standards for all Americans. WIlhelm Cashen former Founder, CEO and Chairman of the Tesla Foundation decided in 2019 that one of the weakest points in society today is the plight of an important part of America’s population, the homeless. Meaning it’s exceedingly hard for homeless people to get a job, have health care, get an education, be safe or do most things that people who have a home-like living arrangement can do.  

02. How

Unlike many approaches to the homeless problem in the United States, DLS would organize all parties needed in combating this serious issue across the US.  The tasks are the upgrading of quality in manufactured housing, the inclusion of 120%  plus  real estate loans, the use of tax delinquent repossessed or other type government owned lands, and the acceptance of society as a whole to adopt this solution.   

03. what

The Home is the cornerstone of success for this program. Built rotational living communities are required to provide hundreds of thousands of people a home for a brief period of time until they find employment and a long term living solution. Such homes must be nearly indestructible, easily moved if needed, simple to maintain, have at a minimum a 50-80 year life use and are easy to upgrade with systems and technology.  

to provide hope
is What we Value



With each project comes new people, experts, professionals, labors, vendors and hundreds of supporters that make it possible to create the seemingly impossible. We wish to have as many partners accompany Durable Living Systems to each location where there are people in need of  hope and a home.


In order to start, launch and maintain low-income and homeless communities across America, the highest level of excellence must prevail. Here are the 10 most important points to ensure the success    of every community project:

1. Work as hard as possible
2. Have a high pain threshold
3. Always have Critical Thinking
4. Add value to Society
5. Take Risks
6. Have a great product or service
7. Attract Great People and Partnerships
8. Constantly Seek Criticism
9. Know What Your Mission Is
10. Overcome Criticism


It is the most important attribute of the DLS team that all participants are “adaptable”. Closed minded thinking, egos and judgmental opinions have no room in any part of this program. The need to help those who have nothing is greater than any personal declaration of a participant.


Our Mission: Create homes that deliver 100% of hope and are 85% sustainable. The ability for these communities to reach the lofty goal of 85% sustainability may be accomplished through statistical analysis of data coming from all of the communities environments and living space of the residents. This data will be repurposed into maintenance programs and software updates to improve the living operations of the communities and homes.



This program will produce the first ever opensource homes and communities that will provide the highest level of living and comfort to be enjoyed by it’s residents. 

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