helping everyone to have a safe home

Our approach is unique: We aim to build long-term permanent shelters for multi-resident rotational living. Maintaining homes are essential to  help people bound back from a fall. Preserving home values are key to reducing the costs associated with returning people to a standard of living that we all share. We work with state, county and city governments to assist them in creating long term – low cost – sustainable communities.

Rethinking HOME LIVING

A free society brings with it a variety of ways of life, some great, some not so good and some that fail. The homes and communities of today must be designed to meet such diversity, supporting all such divisions equally without prejudice or opinion. To do this, government has a responsibility to provide low cost and in many cases free housing to meet the many needs of the community.  

Service, Quality, & Value

Today, to create homes that are safe from illegal or forced entry, are self contained, fire proof, are automatically temperature and water controlled and can’t be destroyed by vandalism or internal breakage is a major undertaking. To create homes in a community with serviceability and quality is a must to retain value for the community. Such homes must be easy to repair, if needed, and easy to upgrade. 


Heroes Of The Homeless Crisis


Barbara Duffield

I'm here to help the homeless

How Barbara Duffield & School House Connection Are Helping People To Overcome Homelessness Through Education


Larry Seamans

Homeless of Boston

Larry Seamans & FamilyAid Boston Are Helping To Prevent Homelessness Before It Starts


Jaysen Van Sickle & Hope Faith

We're here to help

Jaysen Van Sickle & Hope Faith are addressing the immediate and long-term needs of people experiencing homelessness and poverty

human Basic needs

In America every man, woman and child should enjoy the basic needs of everyone’s life.  In nearly every state in the United States families currently have access to some or all of these needs. It is the goal of Durable Living Systems to help provide the need for safe housing. 


1 in 420 people go hungry daily

In the Untied States of America

Safe Shelter

9,289,082 homes and shelters are needed

2,673 People a day are losing their home


no bathrooms or hygiene

When you are living on the streets

Health Care

no health care

.001% of homeless receive health care

Our Clients

There are many stakeholders in solving the homeless issue.  Displaced people are subjected daily to laws they can’t change, finding food, finding a job and many other problems that keep them on the street.

Durable Living Systems work with all government and private groups who are trying to help stop homelessness in America.

Low Income and the Homeless

Towns and Cities

Counties and Un-incorporated

Each of Our 50 United States

Federal Government Agency

Gruops and Communities

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