Building solar communities

Solar and Concrete Technology is the solution for the future of manufactured low-cost durable homes. Created on the factory floor and assembled on site

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Our approach is unique: We work with cities, counties and states assisting them in the creation of large scale low-cost communities as a housing solution for people with very low incomes, and for the homeless. Creating and maintaining universal housing for all Americans is essential to preserving life. The Tesla Foundation established (DLS) Digital Living Systems to provide all such services for the creation of universal housing and communities. 

A Home for every family and person

Hundreds of homes for any community

Design makes the community special

01. Help Build homes

We as Americans can’t turn our backs on other Americans that have fallen on hard times. When we were just starting out building our lives we were happy to have a small home or an apartment. Lets now return and find a way that we can provide people who are homeless with a great little home. 

02. Strong Values

When asked of a group of homeless people why they continued to return to a certain location when living on the street, they said because they knew the people there and felt safe. They were building a community. They wanted to be somewhere they knew people and felt safe. 

03. design and Style

DLS Homes can have exterior wall styles and fascias that include “Modern – Cottage – Urban” and other designs that can be conceived. This will create low cost 1 to 3 bedroom beautiful homes from 400-800 sq ft

04. smart homes

Durable Living Systems brings the concept of manufactured homes, offices and storage facilities to a new level by blending unique concrete construction technology, personal and smart living electronics, durability, safety and security all together. Sensors are integrated into the walls and ceiling of the house that regulate all home systems.  

05. Durable homes

The home must be strong, safe, warm or cool and connect to other people in a community. Not a homeless community, but a community that supports all people and allows them to help themselves and others, Working Together.

Low Income & homeless Housing Concepts

NY downtown on the street (People Dying)
Not A Solution

New York City, NY 

Los Angeles financial district skyscrapers are seen behind a homeless tent encampment, September 23, 2015 in downtown Los Angeles.  Los Angeles officials declared the homeless situation a public emergency. making Los Angeles the first city in the nation to take such a drastic step in response to its mounting problem with street dwellers.  AFP PHOTO / ROBYN BECK        (Photo credit should read ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images)

Thousands on Skid Row (Population Growing)
Not A Solution

Los Angeles, CA


Temporary Tent Community (Not Long Term)
Not A Solution

Austin, Texas


Mobile Homes (Not Durable)
Not A Solution

San Francisco, CA


New Building Construction (Too Costly & Land)
Not A Solution

Cost of Building and Land Cost too Expensive Anywhere in the US


The Solution for Any State, County, City or Town

Cities, counties and states

Helping Leaders In All Communities


Let's talk about helping your community