Homeless Housing Solution Development Program

Jan 1, 2020
March 10, 2020
April 15, 2020
May 23, 2020
June 5, 2020
June 15, 2020
July 15, 2020
July 15, 2020
Aug 15, 2020
Aug 20, 2020
July 15, 2020
Aug 15, 2020
Aug 20, 2020
Aug 15, 2020
Sept 1, 2020
Sept 15,2020
Steps To Success
10 most important points to ensure the success of this project
1. Work as hard as possible
2. Have a high pain threshold
3. Always have Critical Thinking
4. Add value to Society
5. Take Risks
6. Have a great product or service
7. Attract Great People
8. Constantly Seek Criticism
9. Know What Your Mission Is
10. Overcome Criticism
The Business: Durable Living Systems (DLS) supports the sales and manufacturing of low-cost highly durable technology integrated concrete modular living structures that can be assembled anywhere.

Opportunity: Demand for tens of millions of low-cost durable, quality single family living structures is at a pace never seen in history. Durable Living Systems now can deliver to any location low-cost, long life, indestructible ConTecĀ© homes, offices and storage facilities.

Value Add: Since the 1950s, state of the art construction for manufactured homes has typically been the wood, aluminum, carpeting and wall finishes. Audio systems, home video and security have been technology add-ons that has helped to bring value to manufactured home product offerings.
Program Continued
Durable Living Systems brings the concept of manufactured homes, utility buildings, offices and storage facilities to a new level by blending unique concrete foam patented construction technology, personal and smart living electronics, and durability, safety and security all together.

Program Milestones:
1. Business Model
2. Product Concept
3. Financing Provider
4. Website-Sales Tools
5. Product License
6. Client Presentation-Feed Back
7. Manufacturing Provider
8. Build Prototype Unit
Establish A Vendor List
For a project of this scale many vendors will need to be sought after and reviewed for their compatibility, quality, background and substance. The following is the short of vendors needed to complete an ongoing program of this nature.

1. Architectural Rendering and Design
2. Community Designers
3. Community Planner
4. Utility Planner
5. Program Social Adviser
6. Government Community Agency
7. Mobile Home Manufacture
8. Facilities Construction Company
9. Electronics and Systems Consultant
10. On Site Assembly and Placement
11. VIN-HUD-Manufactured Home Consultant
Step #1 Rendering and Website
In an effort to begin presenting the idea of building Homeless communities, Wil assembled a team of professionals to complete the website, home designs, etc.
1. Renderings of 3 units in-exterior
2. Website narrative-content 3 pages
3. Homes Engineering and Spec Page
4. Complete Community Design Plan
5. Complete Wall, Corner, Roof Rendering
6. Complete Release 1 BOM
7. Complete Sales Sheet
8. Complete Pitch Deck and Brochure
9. Complete Banking One Sheet
10. Complete Community Research Sheet
11. Complete Bank Financing Package

Status: Wil is working on all of the critical steps to complete Phase 1 of the website and complete the pitch deck and leave behind brochure.
Step #2 Establish Company
Wil filing for, and developing the corporation documents to complete the filing for a Wyoming Corporation.
1. File C Corporation in Wyoming
2. Operating Agreement
3. Cap Table Creation
4. Create Subscription Agreement
5. Equity Value Narrative
6. Refined Financials
7. Banking and Account
8. Stock Option Program
9. Application Modular Home Manufacturers
10. File Corporate Docs
11. Product Liability Insurance
12. Manufacturing Insurance
13. File Application for HUD
14. Finalize Bank Financing Programa
15. Complete Sponsorship Package

Status: TBA
Step #3 Component Designs
Homeless environment include sinks, wash basins showers, etc to be part of wall, floor and ceiling structures. These design bring layers of complexity to the design, manufacturing and assembly
1. Plumbing Engineering-Production Plan
2. Controls Design-Engineering Plans
3. HVAC Design-Engineering Plan
4. Lighting Design Plan
5. Electrical Design Plan
6. Basin Designs
7. Shower Design Open-ADA
8. Sink Design Open-ADA
9. Wall Designs Solds and Openings
10. Corner Designs
11. Fasteners Spec'
12. Floor Design
13. Roof Design
14. Stool Design

Status: TBA
Step #4 Electronic Controls
As a self contained home, each unit has operational and limiting systems to protect the home and it's residents. Faucets, hand valves and heat,cooling and lighting that are taken for granted in the function and operation need to be controlled autonomously in a homeless environment.
1. Controller Design
2. Software Design
3. Stepper Motor Valve Actuator
4. Light Controller
5. HVAC Controller
6. In Wall Thermostat
7. In Wall Water-Temp-Flow Controller
8. In Wall Electronic-Manual Door Lock
9. In Wall Lighting Controller
10. In Wall Communications Monitor
11. Human Data Sensors

Status:Next Progress Payment $20,000
Step #5 Electrical Design
The entire home is electronic and operated by a central computer that in mounted in the wall behind a Gorilla Glass Enclosure. It is totally inaccessible and connects all of the lights, actuators, HVAC, water temperature and flow and provides all forms of communications.
1. In Wall Electrical wiring design
2. Safe Fuse Box design and secure access
3. Safe Wall Plug access design
4. Single plug fuse designs
5. Tamper Free Wall Plugs and Lights
6. Tamper Free Stove Top Wiring
7. Tamper Free Microwave
8. Tamper Free Refrigerator
9. Tamper Free Exterior Lighting
10. Tamper Free EVAC connections
11. Proximity Sensors
12. Water temperature sensor
13, Water Heater Interior Temp Control

Status: TBA
Step #6 Component Engineering
Component engineering to include all parts to be created and assembled to complete a house including Finishings, coatings and bonding human safe.
1. Blank wall Section
2. Blank wall wiring
3. Blank wall Plumbing
4. Blank Corner wall
5. Blank Corner wall wiring
6. Corner wall wiring and plumbing
7. Corner wall wiring, plumbing, basin
8. Corner wall plumbing and toilet
9. Blank wall plumbing and toilet
10. Blank wall wiring, plumbing, basin
11. Blank wall plumbing and basin
12. Blank Window Wall
13. Blank Window Wall with wiring
14. Blank Door Wall

Status: Progress Payment $50,000
Step #7 Plumbing Design
Because of the need for integrated toilets, sinks and basins, it is important to engineer plumbing circuits and inclosed faucets into the cavities of all accesses points.
1. Integrated Touchless Faucets
2. Flow Control Valve
3. Wall Socket Fittings
4. Floor Socket Fittings
5. Stool Drain Socket
6. Water Tank Wall Socket
7. Sink drain Socket Drine
8. Mixing Valve body with Controller
9. Floor Drain
10. Fire System
11. Tankless Hot Water Heater
12. Sistrun Valve Body

Submit: TBA
Step #8 Trolly-Frame
Step #9 Manufacturing
Step #10 Manufacturing Tools-Fixtures
Step #11 Packaging-Transporation
Step #12 Assembly-Place
Step #13 Quality Control
Step #14 Production Prototypes