DLS Program Development Plan and Syllabus

March 10, 2020
April 21, 2020
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May 20, 2020
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The Business: Durable Living Systems (DLS) supports the sales and manufacturing of low-cost highly durable technology integrated concrete modular living structures that can be assembled anywhere.

Opportunity: Demand for tens of millions of low-cost durable, quality single family living structures is at a pace never seen in history. Durable Living Systems now can deliver to any location low-cost, long life, indestructible ConTec© homes, offices and storage facilities.

Value Add: Since the 1950s, state of the art construction for manufactured homes has typically been the wood, aluminum, carpeting and wall finishes. Audio systems, home video and security have been technology add-ons that has helped to bring value to manufactured home product offerings. Durable Living Systems brings the concept of manufactured homes, utility buildings, offices and storage facilities to a new level by blending unique concrete foam patented construction technology, personal and smart living electronics, and durability, safety and security all together.

Program Milestones:
1. Business Model
2. Product Concept
3. Financing Provider
4. Website-Sales Tools
5. Product License
6. Client Presentation-Feed Back
7. Manufacturing Provider
8. Build Prototype Unit
Step #1 Homeless Community
Rudy told Wil that Dave's company built a concrete structure for the Military. Will contacted a friend that had access to the city of LA with an idea to produce durable non-destructible homes for the homeless. Wil talked to Wil created a white paper and financial proforma and called Dave and Larry and review the idea and sent paper and proforma to them. Larry emailed Wil a sketch of the Resort Home idea they pitched to Kim the Resort Owner.

Will, Dave and Larry reviewed the white paper and proforma for May – June Launch Budget over the phone. Dave said he was very interested and asked Wil where should the new company be located? Wil said in the west because the major cities like LA where there. Dave said get the corporation docs filed for Las Vegas and Wil spent several hours and called a friend of Rudy's to set up the corporation in Nevada. Wil told Dave and Larry that he talked to the law firm and it would be $1,500 to set up the corporation and complete a SM. Dave said he would send the firm and he never did it. On the same call with Dave and Larry, Dave said and all of us should sign an NDA and get started ASAP and further, he and Larry would go to FedEx the next morning and sign and send docs to Wil. That never happened.

Status: Wil created list of Wil's project deliverables, a financial proforma and a Cap table and an NDA. Wil signed the NDA and sent all documents to Larry and Dave for their signatures and review. Dave and Larry never signed the NDA. Wil sent Dave and Larry an invoice for $8,000 and started working on the list of items he had emailed them based on Dave's assurances that he wanted to move forward with the project.

Step #2 Homeless Model
WIl created and developed a sustainable business model for land acquisition to make it possible to create homeless communities under written by cities, counties and states. At this time Wil created a website demonstrating how Homeless Housing could be resolved. The components of the model would include (1) city, county, state in need of a solution for housing, (2) an amortized method of payment for the homes, (3) indestructible structures, (4) easy to place and assemble at a community location, (5) financing for the community, (6) provide, food stores, health and laundry facilities.

Dave and Larry told Wil that Kim was going to contract Dave and company to build homes for the resort for 80 homes at a cost of $6.5 million dollars. Wil told Dave and Larry that he would work out a plain whereby the purchase of Kim for the homes could greatly benefit the new company. The model would be to accept the payment for the homes as an investment into the new company and trade the homes to the resort for the use of the land and research for the development of the project.

Status: David and Larry where very excited about this model and clearly understood the value exchange for Kim, the client and David the contractor. Wil, Dave and Larry then reviewed the Financial Proforma budget over the phone and discussed company ownership. David said he didn't want to pay $36,000 for development costs for May and June because he Dave didn't understand what Wil was doing for the money. Dave didn't send the $8,000 payment.
Step #3 WIl goes to ILL
After several calls between Wil, Dave and Larry, Larry asked Wil to come to Illinois where they were working on the resort because Dave needed to get to know Wil. After many calls with no action on Dave's part to send Wil and Ticket to fly to Ill a Ticket was finally sent and Will went to Ill

After arriving Wil met a gov't leader in Wisconsin. Wil then met Dave and Larry that night and reviewed the project. Dave was clear that he did not want to follow a budget as outlined in the Proforma. Larry said that he would work with Dave to get him to understand how the company would work and why the budget was important.

Dave and Larry never sent the account information to the bank to sent up a bank account for the company. WIl said he would go to the bank to open an account with First Secure Community Bank in Aurora as a Sole Proprietor until the corporation could have an account so the company would have a bank account for the “Investor’s Check” deposit. David Montoya would be the owner of the account but it didn't happen.

Dave, Wil and Larry discussed ownership in the new company and Dave wasn't that interested in offering Wil or Larry any stock or Dave didn't say anything about stock. It was obvious that Dave didn't like talking about the company organization or giving stock to anyone although he did say that Mike should have some stock. It was confusing.

Step #4 In Chicago
Wil visits First Bank on 20th May and opened a Bank account dba Durable Living Systems to insure company had an account. First Secure Community Bank provides lending for Manufactured Home Community Park Land. Because of their understanding of the this business they can help with city, county and state Homeless community land and building financing. The Bank is a perfect partner for DLS business model providing financing for customers land-buildings. Wil met with Marc Wiers and asked for a Banking sales package that would be used to sell programs and financing to cities, counties and states following the business plans.

That night Wil, Dave and Larry met again to review Wil thought that he was pushing Dave to organize the new company and Dave was just not that interested in doing that. At this point Wil decided that he would create a sales business and sale the services of building the homes to a spec' and give Dave a PO for the job and in the mean time he would provide services for Dave.

Status: Wil met with Dave and Larry and gave Dave a services agreement for Wil to work with Larry and help to develop the resort homes and document and engineer that homes so that Dave would be ready to produce the homes less homes for cities. Dave said he would read the agreement and sign it the next day and pay $15,000 for services for the development of the homes for the resort.
Step #5 Meeting
Larry and Wil met in the morning to review the next steps and Wil explained again that he would not press Dave on ownership, company organization or stock distribution and said he would provide services until Dave decided what he wanted. Wil ask Larry what he wanted him to do to move forward and Larry said that Kim needed a business plan. and Will said he would add that to his list.

Wil said there would be 4 steps completed (1) Wire-frame drawings and renderings (2) Send Art to Cad designer (3) Cad art and Renderings send to Engineer (Dave to work with engineer) (4) Engineering designs sent to Cad designer for final manufacturing and assembly drawings. These steps must incorporate manufacturing design and unit final assembly and service features. Tooling release must be

Dave signed the services agreement and gave Wil a check for $7,500. Dave told Larry to work with Wil day to day work and Larry would be in charge. Wil had hired a architectural rendering artist to produce the Kim resort Cottage exterior and interior drawings and the art was to be completed by Friday the 22rd that Dave had sent a week earlier

Status: Dave and Larry were happy about the out come of the meetings and the project direction. Wil returned to LA to continue with the pitch deck for the cities and to start all of the tasks on the list that he had provided Larry and David.
Step #7 Rendering and Website
In an effort to begin presenting the idea of building Homeless communities, Wil assembled a team of professionals to complete the website, home designs, etc.
1. Renderings of 3 units in-exterior
2. Website narrative-content 3 pages
3. Homes Engineering and Spec Page
4. Complete Community Design Plan
5. Complete Wall, Corner, Roof Rendering
6. Complete Release 1 BOM
7. Complete Sales Sheet
8. Complete Pitch Deck and Brochure
9. Complete Banking One Sheet
10. Complete Community Research Sheet
11. Complete Bank Financing Package

Status: Wil is working on all of the critical steps to complete Phase 1 of the website and complete the pitch deck and leave behind brochure.
Step #8 Establish Company
Wil filing for, and developing the corporation documents to complete the filing for a Wyoming Corporation.
1. File C Corporation in Wyoming
2. Operating Agreement
3. Cap Table Creation
4. Create Subscription Agreement
5. Equity Value Narrative
6. Refined Financials
7. Banking and Account
8. Stock Option Program
9. Application Modular Home Manufacturers
10. File Corporate Docs
11. Product Liability Insurance
12. Manufacturing Insurance
13. File Application for HUD
14. Finalize Bank Financing Programa
15. Complete Sponsorship Package

Status: TBA
Step #9 Component Designs
Homeless environment include sinks, wash basins showers, etc to be part of wall, floor and ceiling structures. These design bring layers of complexity to the design, manufacturing and assembly
1. Plumbing Engineering-Production Plan
2. Controls Design-Engineering Plans
3. HVAC Design-Engineering Plan
4. Lighting Design Plan
5. Electrical Design Plan
6. Basin Designs
7. Shower Design Open-ADA
8. Sink Design Open-ADA
9. Wall Designs Solds and Openings
10. Corner Designs
11. Fasteners Spec'
12. Floor Design
13. Roof Design
14. Stool Design

Status: TBA
Step #10 Electronic Controls
As a self contained home, each unit has operational and limiting systems to protect the home and it's residents. Faucets, hand valves and heat,cooling and lighting that are taken for granted in the function and operation need to be controlled autonomously in a homeless environment.
1. Controller Design
2. Software Design
3. Stepper Motor Valve Actuator
4. Light Controller
5. HVAC Controller
6. In Wall Thermostat
7. In Wall Water-Temp-Flow Controller
8. In Wall Electronic-Manual Door Lock
9. In Wall Lighting Controller
10. In Wall Communications Monitor
11. Human Data Sensors

Status:Next Progress Payment $20,000
Step #11 Electrical Design
The entire home is electronic and operated by a central computer that in mounted in the wall behind a Gorilla Glass Enclosure. It is totally inaccessible and connects all of the lights, actuators, HVAC, water temperature and flow and provides all forms of communications.
1. In Wall Electrical wiring design
2. Safe Fuse Box design and secure access
3. Safe Wall Plug access design
4. Single plug fuse designs
5. Tamper Free Wall Plugs and Lights
6. Tamper Free Stove Top Wiring
7. Tamper Free Microwave
8. Tamper Free Refrigerator
9. Tamper Free Exterior Lighting
10. Tamper Free EVAC connections
11. Proximity Sensors
12. Water temperature sensor
13, Water Heater Interior Temp Control

Status: TBA
Step #12 Component Engineering
Component engineering to include all parts to be created and assembled to complete a house including Finishings, coatings and bonding human safe.
1. Blank wall Section
2. Blank wall wiring
3. Blank wall Plumbing
4. Blank Corner wall
5. Blank Corner wall wiring
6. Corner wall wiring and plumbing
7. Corner wall wiring, plumbing, basin
8. Corner wall plumbing and toilet
9. Blank wall plumbing and toilet
10. Blank wall wiring, plumbing, basin
11. Blank wall plumbing and basin
12. Blank Window Wall
13. Blank Window Wall with wiring
14. Blank Door Wall

Status: Progress Payment $50,000
Step #13 Plumbing Design
Because of the need for integrated toilets, sinks and basins, it is important to engineer plumbing circuits and inclosed faucets into the cavities of all accesses points.
1. Integrated Touchless Faucets
2. Flow Control Valve
3. Wall Socket Fittings
4. Floor Socket Fittings
5. Stool Drain Socket
6. Water Tank Wall Socket
7. Sink drain Socket Drine
8. Mixing Valve body with Controller
9. Floor Drain
10. Fire System
11. Tankless Hot Water Heater
12. Sistrun Valve Body

Submit: TBA
Step #14 Trolly-Frame
Step # 15 Manufacturing
Step #16 Manufacturing Tools-Fixtures
Step #17 Packaging-Transporation
Step #18 Assembly-Place
Step #19 Quality Control
Step #20 Production Prototypes
Elon's and My 10 most important points to ensure the success of this project and startup
1. Work as hard as possible
2. Have a high pain threshold
3. Always have Critical Thinking
4. Add value to Society
5. Take Risks
6. Have a great product or service
7. Attract Great People
8. Constantly Seek Criticism
9. Know What Your Mission Is
10. Overcome Criticism